The "Imitators"

Whilst it might not be fair to call all of the following examples, copies of Ivorex, it would be reasonable to assume that at least some of these creations relied heavily on the success of the Osborne product and used scenes, subjects, and sizes so close to the Ivorex, that in some cases such as "Ivor Art", one could easily be misled into believing they were of the same company. Our first examples are of "Ivor Art" as this is the product most commonly mistaken for "Ivorex". The "Ivor Art" plaques tend to be slightly thinner and have a generally coarser texture than the Osbornes, this is most noticeable when you have both to make a comparison.

"Ivorex" 4.5x3.25



 "Ivor Art" 5.25x3.75


 "Salters Gate Inn" and "The fire Salters Gate Inn " below, are both 2.75x2.75 and each are "Ivor Art".

 Another known plaque in this size is "Blarney Castle"

 In the bottom right corner can just be seen the initials HS. Markings are not always seen on these plaques.


A Trade mark is rarely found and where one does exist, it is often too faint to read, this was the best example that we could find. The "Ivor Art" trade mark is always in an oval.

Birthplace of Thomas Hardy


Burns Cottage


The Old Curiosity Shop


Old Houses Holborn  

Post Bridge Dartmoor


Ivor Art seem to have concentrated on producing the smaller plaques which were very similar to the Osborne product in both shape and size but tended to be of subjects other than those depicted by the Osborne company. They also had their own unique and extensive range of bookends and calendar holders, which can be considered collectors items in their own right.

The Little Chapel Guernsey 3.25x4.75, an Osborne Ivorex
The Little Chapel Guernsey 3.25x4.75,This plaque is by an unknown maker, and has no marks."St Peter Port Guernsey" was also made by the same source and is again unmarked.

An Osborne oval 3.5 wide by 5 high, the majority of subjects for this shape and dimension of plaque were Dickensian characters.


A Bouterware plaque made by Corocraft Studios, Frank M. Sayford Co. Inc. Brooklyn N.Y. The size is 3.5 wide by 5 high with subjects ranging through American scenes and the only one with the same title as an Osborne, this being, "The Home of Washington Mount Vernon" although the Osborne version of this title is an entirely different shape and dimension.

There is a large range in Bouterware plaques and although they tend not to be found in England they are sought after and collected in America.


This plaque, believed to be made by "Ivorstone wares" and titled "The Old Mill Road" was found in America, it uses a frame style identical to Osbornes and is of similar dimensions to those used for Ivorex. The overall quality of this plaque is very poor in comparison to the real thing and can only really be regarded as a copy of Osbornes plaque style. Other titles are "Off For a Long Journey" and "Shakespeare Homestead". These plaques have the copyright symbol directly after the title.

Another, more serious, type of copy is the one using molds taken directly from Ivorex plaques, this reproduces exactly the original scenes although with some loss of sharpness of detail, although we have seen some of these (being sold as Osbornes) we do not have an example in our collection. The back does not have the Osborne trade mark stamp, but on the front can usually still be seen the A O mark. The only real giveaway to these fakes is the colouring, and as mentioned, the loss of sharpness of detail, the general wax coat finish seems to be fairly comparable to an Ivorex.



Skakespeares House Stratford on Avon

This example kindly provided by Ron Edgar

This plaque was found in America and is a direct copy of an Osborne, using a mold formed from the original plaque. No colour has been applied and some of the sharpness of detail has been lost but the overall finish is very good, there are no trade marks of any kind and it came in a box with the plaque title stamped on the end, other titles were also reproduced in this form.