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Grey Friars Coventry


Grey Friars Interior


Plymouth Rock

Eliza Morgan


The Martyrdom


Canterbury Cathedral

The signing of the compact


The Sanctuary Door


Dorothy Pentreath




Mr Pickwick (figurine)


Brothers of St Cross

Cheshire Cats


Small West Gate Cantrbury


The Choir Chester Cathedral

Robert Burns


Sir Walter Scott


Blarney Castle



The Man with Toothache Wells Cathedral


Tam O'Shanters Ride

Mol's Coffee House


Drake and Raleighs Club Room...... 


Dunfermline Abbey

Rochester Cathedral


The Sanctuary Knocker



Sir Galahad

Sir Galahad



The Bargate Southampton


The Angelus


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Kind thanks to fellow collectors Kathryn, Joyce, Scott, Ron and Andy who's photographic contributions have added to these pages.