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Romeo and Juliet


West Gate Canterbury Model

West Gate, Miniature



Westward Ho Seafront



West Gate Canterbury

Outside The George


Irish Transport


Saint Albans Abbey


Mr Pickwick



Interior of Burns Cottage


The Gatun Locks Panama

St. Augustine and Thomas a'Becket


A Friendly Call


The most Famous game.....

The Old Cottage Cheam Surrey

Calendar Holders

The Little Chapel Guernsey





The Death of Nelson


Peeping Tom

Auld Brig O Doon Alloway


We'll take a cup ...


I shall bless every place....

The Coronation Chair


The Devil looking over Lincoln


St Augustines Chair


Gloucester Cathedral


Lady Godiva


Plastic Sketch


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Kind thanks to fellow collectors Kathryn, Joyce, Scott, Ron and Andy who's photographic contributions have added to these pages.