Shipping Ivorex


A great way to increase a collection is to trade with other collectors, this is okay when they live only a county or two away but shipping can be a worry when counties become countries and problems tend to increase when multiplied by distance. The answer is in the packing, a nice large steel container, holding a single plaque that is suspended in foam and feathers would probably make it through intact, but would kill off most folk's piggy banks.

 The answer is large cardboard box with light packing materials and some added protection.


This box was shipped from Southampton England to Pennsylvania America and the only part of it that retained its shape was where the tape marked "Fragile" was placed, (I don't think this tape has any magical properties but I will use it again just in case.!!) The contents of the box, four plaques, survived the big squeeze and were found to be completely undamaged due entirely to the inner packing.

I use a method of packing devised by fellow collector, Andy Jackson and as yet have had no disasters.

The method is thus: -


Wrap the plaque in plenty of bubble wrap; go around the plaque at least four times.


Place the bubble wrapped plaque into a close fitting box or wrap with stiff cardboard to provide a protective sleeve and place this into a larger cardboard box. Surround and cover the inner box with polystyrene chips or more crumpled bubblewrap.

Close the box and tape it up well, it is going a long way and will encounter many perils, the "fragile" tape may help with some of its handlers but don't rely on that, some of the handlers are machines.

Lastly, address it, write clearly and include your return address, enclose the address in a plastic sleeve if you can to prevent it getting wet and unreadable. Send it off, although large, it will be reasonably light and the cost of mailing is based on weight.