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A Busy Welsh Woman 3½x5
A Friendly Call in an Irish Cottage 5¼x3¾
A Welsh Tea Party 7¾x7
Ann Hathaways Cottage 4¼x3½
Ann Hathaways Cottage 4x2¼ (Calendar Holder, no cards)
Ann Hathaways Cottage 4x2¼ (Calendar Holder, with cards)
Ann Hathaways Cottage Shottery 4½x3¼ sepia colours made 1916
Ann Hathaways Cottage Shottery 9¼x6¼
An Irish Cottage 9¼x6¼
An Irish Cottage 5¼x3¾
An Irish Village 5¼x3¾
An Old Whaler 6¼x9¼ No chips but faded
Appeal to the Great Spirit 8½x6¼ made 1927
Bath Abbey 4½x3¼
Balmoral Castle 10¾x7
Burns Cottage Alloway Ayr 4¼x3½
Burns Cottage Alloway Ayr 9½x6
Burns Cottage Interior 4½x3½
Burns Cottage Interior 9½x6
Caernarvon Castle 5¼x4
Caernarvon Castle 10¾x7
Canterbury Cathedral 4½x3½
Chateau Frontenac Quebec 10x6¾
Chester Cathedral 11½x7¼
Contentment 4x2½ (Free standing Calendar Holder, no cards)

Conway Castle and Bridge 11½x7¼
Coventry Cathedral 7½x11¼
Coventry the City of three spires 11½x7½
Durham Castle 4x3½
Durham Cathedral 4¼x3¼
Durham Cathedral 9½x7½
Durham Cathedral 8x10¼
Edinburgh Castle 4½x3¼
Edinburgh Castle and National Gallery 11x7
Exeter Cathedral 6½x8¼
Exeter Cathedral 10x8
Going to Market 5x4
Glad Hearts 6¼x7½
Greyfriars interior Coventry 6x7½
Holyrood Palace and Arthurs Seat Edinburgh 11½x7¼
Home devotions 6¼x7½
Houses of Parliament London 11¼x7¼
Interior of an Irish Cottage 5x3½ (free standing)
Interior of an Irish Cottage 5x4
Irish Cottage 5x3½ (Free Standing)
Irish Jaunting Car 5¼x4
Irish transport 4½x3½ (Free standing)
King Charles Tower Chester 6¼x 8¼
Lands End First and Last House 9¼x6¼
Lincoln Cathedral 8x6¼ (2)
Lincoln Cathedral 11¼x7¼
Llanberis pass 4½x3½
Llynllydaw and Snowdon 4½x3¼
Llynlidaw and Snowdon 8x6
Montmorency Falls near Quebec 10x6¾
Moot Hall Elstow 8¼x6
Norwich Cathedral S.E. 6x7¾
Norwich Castle 6x7¾
Old Cornish Cottage 9¼x6¼
Palace of Holyrood House 4½x3¼
Palace of Holyrood House 7½x11½
Peeping Tom of Coventry 3¾x5¾
Pilgrims going to church 7½x4¼
Poets Corner Westmister Abbey Dickens Grave 6¾x8¾ (without people in foreground)
Poets Corner Westmister Abbey Dickens Grave 6¾x8¾ (in Original Frame)
Potter Heigham Norfolk Broads 8x6

Princess Street Edinburgh 11½x7½
Rheims Cathedral 3¼x4½ both eyelets missing
Rochester Cathedral 5x3½
Ruins of the Colosseum Rome 9¼x6
Scotts Monument Edinburgh 3¼x4½
Shakespeares House 4½x3¼
Shakspeares House 4x2½ (Calendar Holder, no cards)
Shakespeares House Stratford on Avon 6¼x9¼ (4)
Sir Galahad 5½x9½
St. Ives Cornwall 9¼x6¼
St. Michaels Mount Cornwall 11¼x7½
St Pauls Cathedral 3¼x4½
St Pauls Cathedral 8x10½ (without lamp posts)
St. Pauls Cathedral 8x10½ (with lamp posts) (2)
St. Pauls Cathedral 8x10½ (with lamp posts) in Original Frame
St Pauls Cathedral Melbourne 8x10½
St. Peter Port Guernsey 7¾x5
Tam O'Shanter and Souter Johnny 7¾x7 in velvet slip frame
Temple Bar in Dr Johnsons time 8x10½
Temple Bar in Dr Johnsons time 8x10½ in Original Frame
The Angelus 9¼x6¼
The Birthplace of Charles Dickens No 387 Commerial Road Landport 3¼x5¾ (rounded corners at bottom)
The Cenotaph in memory of The Glorious Dead 1914-1919 3¼x6
The Forth Bridge 11½x7½
The Gleaners 5x4 cracked and repaired
The Gleaners 9¼x6¼ (2)
The Grave of the Unknown Warrior in Westminster Abbey Nov 11 1920 3½x6 slight chip top edge
The Industrious Welsh Woman 5½x6½ Oval dated 1930
The Interior of Anne Hathaway's Cottage 9¼x6½
The Little Chapel Guernsey 3¼x4¾
The Martyrdom Canterbury Cathedral 6x7¾ (outer edges shaved by Osborne's to fit frame)
The Old Courtyard Cathedral close Exeter 3¼x5¾
The Old Curiosity Shop 6½x5½ (Plastic Sketch)
The Old Curiosity Shop 8½x6
The Old Curiosity Shop 4½x3½
The Old Folks at Home 5x3¾
The Old Folks at Home 9½x6½
The Old Windmill 9¼x6¼
The Western Towers Canterbury Cathedral 6x7¾
The Weavers Canterbury 6x7¾
Thou Shalt Call His Name Jesus 6½x7¾
Tower Bridge London 4½x3¼
Tower of London 4½x3¼
Tower of London 11½x7¼
Welsh Woman at Snowdon 6½x5½ (Oval)
Wells Cathedral from Tor Hill 3¼x4½
Wells Cathedral 4½x2½ (Calendar Holder, no cards)
West Front Wells Cathedral 10½x8¼
West Gate Canterbury 7¾x6
Westminster Abbey 4x3½
Westminster Abbey 11¼x7¼
Westminster Cathedral 3¼x4½
Why Worry 4x3¾ (Calendar Holder, no cards)
Windsor Castle 4½x3¼
Windsor Castle 11¼x7½
Winchester Cathedral 8¼x6½
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