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Name list of the plaques ....................and sizes in inches.

A Busy Welshwoman 3½x5 ( Oval )
A Busy Welshwoman at Llanberis 6x8
A Canterbury Pilgrim The Knight 4x5½ ( 5 sided )
A Canterbury Pilgrim The Miller 4x5½ ( 5 sided )
A Canterbury Pilgrim The Parson 4x5½ ( 5 sided )
A Canterbury Pilgrim The Prior 4x5½ ( 5 sided )
A Canterbury Pilgrim The Prioress 4x5½ ( 5 sided )
A Canterbury Pilgrim The Prior 4x5¾ ( 5 sided )
A Canterbury Pilgrim The Wife of Bath 4x5½ (5 sided)
A Colonial doorway 4½x6¾
A friendly call 5x3 ( Free standing )
A friendly call 5¼x3¾
A friendly call 9¼x6¼
A Friendly Call in an Irish Cottage 9x6
A friendly call in an Irish cottage 5¼x3¾
A Good Companion 3¾x5¼
A Nantucket Grandmother 4¾x6¾
A Noble Heart 3¾x5¼
A Ramsgate Fisherman "waiting for the tide" 6¼x8
A South African Gold mine 9¾x7½
A Welsh tea party 7¾x7
A Welsh Woman at Snowdon 6¼x8¼
Abraham Lincoln 6x8
Abraham Lincoln 3½x6
Across the Black Soil Plains 14x5
After Ducks 3¾x5¼
An Irish cottage 5¼x3¾
An Irish Cottage 5¼x3¾ ( Different scene )
An Irish cottage 9¼x6¼
An Irish village 5¼x3¾
An Old Cottage 9½x6¼
An Old Favourite 3x3 (Hanging Calendar Holder)
An old whaler 6¼x9½
Ann Hathaways Cottage 4x2¼ (Calendar Holder)
Ann Hathaways Cottage 4½x3¼
Ann Hathaways Cottage Shottery 4½x3¼
Ann Hathaways Cottage Shottery 9¼x6¼ (coloured version)
Ann Hathaways Cottage Shottery 9¼x6¼ (sepia version)
Appeal to the Great Spirit 6¼x8½
Arts Building University of Western Ontario London Canada 9½x6¼
As Age Steals On 6¼x7½
At the Sanctuary door Durham Cathedral 6x8¼
At Watersmeet Lynmouth 5¼x3¾
Auditorium First Church of Christ Scientist Boston 7½x5
Auld Brig O'Doon Alloway 4½x3¼
Auld Brig O'doon Alloway 9½x6
Auld Brig O'doon Ayr 9½x6
Balmoral Castle 4½x3¼
Balmoral Castle 10½x7
Bath Abbey 4½x3¼
Bath Abbey 11¼x7½
Beachyhead Lighthouse 3½x5 (Oval)
Beethoven 3½x5 (Oval)
Bideford 5¼x3¾
Bill Sykes 3½x5 (Oval)
Birthplace of the Flag of the United States of America No 239 Arch Street Philadelphia 6x8¼
Birthroom of Shakespeare 4½x3¼
Bishop Lighthouse 4½x6¾
Bishop Lloyds Palace Chester 6¼x8
Bishop Lloyds Palace Chester 7¼x8
Blarney Castle 3¾x5¼
Blarney Castle 3¼x4½
Blarney Castle 10x7½
Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim 3½x5 (Oval)
Bonchurch Church Interior Isle of Wight 3¼x5¾
Bridge of Feugh Banchory 6x9½
Brig O'Balgownie Aberdeen 4½x3¼
Brig O'Balgownie Aberdeen 10½x7
Broadstairs 11¼x7¼
Brothers of St Cross Winchester 7¼x6¾
Bruton Parish Church in Early Colonial days Williamsburg VA 9½x6½
Buckfast Abbey 4½x3¼
Buckingham Palace 4½x3½
Buckingham Palace and Queen Victoria Memorial 4½x3½
Bunyans Cottage 4x2½ (Calendar Holder)
Bunyans Cottage Elstow 8x6 (with sheep in lane)
Bunyans Cottage Elstow 9¼x7¼ (without sheep in lane)
Bunyan parting with his wife and children 5¼x7
Bunyans Statue Bedford 5¼x8½
Burns and Highland Mary 6¾x9¾
Burns Birth scene Quo she "Who lives will see the proof this waly boy will nae coof I think we'll ca' him Robin" 9¾x6¾
Burns Cottage Alloway Ayr 9½x6 (nine palings in the fence)
Burns Cottage Alloway Ayr 9½x6 (six palings in the fence) (Framed)
Burns Cottage Alloway Ayr 4½x3¼
Burns Cottage Alloway Ayr 4½x3¼ (man in street scene variation)
Burns Cottage Interior 4½x3¼
Burns Cottage Interior 9½x6
Burns Cottage 4x2½ (Calendar Holder)
Burns Monument Alloway Ayr 7¾x9¾
Caernarvon Castle 10¾x7
Caernarvon Castle 11x7½
Caernarvon Castle 11½x7½ (Different view WD version)
Caernarvon Castle 5¼x3¾
Calache Quebec 9¾x6¾
Caldey Abbey 4½x3¼
Canadian War Memorial Vimy Ridge 4½x3¼
Canterbury Cathedral 2½x4 (Calendar Holder)
Canterbury Cathedral 3½x3 (free standing)
Canterbury Cathedral 2.4Wx5.8Lx3½H (free standing model)
Canterbury Cathedral 5½x5¼ (Plastic Sketch)
Canterbury Cathedral 11x7¼
Canterbury Cathedral 4½x3¼
Captain Petherwick of Penzance an old Cornish Mariner 4½x6½ (Oval)
Carnarvon Castle 10¾x7 (same scene as Caernarvon Castle 10¾x7 but different spelling)
Castle Rock Lynton 5¼x3¾
Charles Dickens 3½x5 (Oval) (seated)
Charles Dickens 3½x5 (Oval) (head)
Charles Dickens 4x5½ ( 5 sided )
Charles Dickens in his study Gadshill 8x6
Chateau Frontenac Quebec 9¾ x6¾ (version with tower)
Chateau Frontenac Quebec 9¾x6¾ (version with no tower)
Chateau Ramezay Montreal 9½x6
Cheshire Cat A Smiling face oft hides an aching heart 3¼x6
Cheshire Cat Grin and bear it 3¼x6
Cheshire Cat He Laughs Longest Who Laughs Last 3¼x6
Cheshire Cat Laugh and Grow Fat 3¼x6
Chester Cathedral 11½x7½ (With gravestones) ( coloured )
Chester Cathedral 11½x7½ (With gravestones) ( sepia )
Chester Cathedral 11½x7½ (Without gravestones) (Bossons edition)
Chester the walled City 11¼x7½
Christmas at Wardles "Dear Mr Pickwick" 7¼x9¼
Clifton Suspension Bridge Bristol 9¼x6¼
Clovelly High Street 5½x6¾
Cockle Cove Windmill Chatham Mass 9¼x6
Contentment 4¾x6¾
Contentment 3¾x4¼ (Calendar holder)
Conway Castle and bridge 11½x7½
Conway Castle and bridge 5¼x3¾
Cornish fisherman "waiting for the tide" 6¼x8 (Framed)
Cornish fishwife "unloading the boats" 6¼x8
Coronation Chair Westminster Abbey 1300-1953 4½x2¼
Coronation Chair 6x15 ( Free Standing )
Coronation Chair 3¾x7¼ ( Free Standing )
Coventry Cathedral 7½x11¼
Coventry City of Three Spires 5¼x3¾
Coventry the City of three spires 11¼x7½ (Framed)
Cross of Canterbury 3x3 (Pilgrim bottle) (dated 1905)
Devon Fisherman 6¼x8
Dicken' s House Broadstairs 4½x3¼
Dick Swiviller 3½x5 (Oval)
Die Groot Trek, 1838 10x7½
Die Voortrekker vrou van Suid Afrika "Moeder" is her naam 7¾x9½
Dorothy Pentreath the Last Person who spoke the Cornish Language 4½x6½
Dover Castle 4½x3¼
Dover Castle 11¼x7¼ (Framed)
Drakes and Raleigh's Club Room Mol's Coffee House Exeter 4½x3¼
Dryburgh Abbey The burial place of Sir Walter Scott & Earl Haig 2½x3¼
Dryburgh Abbey The burial place of Sir Walter Scott & Earl Haig 6½x8¾
Dunfermline Abbey 9½x6
Dunluce Castle 10x8
Dunluce Castle 5¼x3¾
Durham Castle 4x5¼
Durham Caslte 4½x3¼ (Castle spelt incorrectly)
Durham Cathedral 4½x3¼
Durham Cathedral 3¾x4¼ (Calendar holder)
Durham Cathedral 8x10¼
Durham Cathedral 9¾x7½
Eager for the Race 3¾x5¼
Edinburgh Castle 4½x3¼
Edinburgh Castle and National Gallery 11½x7½ (Coloured)
Edinburgh Castle and National Gallery 11½x7½ (Sepia)
Edinburgh Castle and National Gallery 4½x3¼
Emily Hobhouse. Weldoenster 1899-1902 7¾x9½ ( Emily Hobhouse Sympathiser )
Enys Dodman Lands End 11½x7½
Evangeline Monument and Memorial Church 3¼x5¾
Exeter Cathedral 10x8
Exeter Cathedral 8¼x6½
Exeter Cathedral S.E. 8x6
Exterior Habitant Cottage Old Quebec 9½x6 ( same scene as, Burns Cottage Alloway )
Extraordinary fox chase by the Duke of Beauforts Hounds at Upper Castle Coombe January 1794 11¾x7½
Fagin 3½x5 (Oval)
Famous Flat Arch Ruins of Santo Domingo Church Panama City 8½x6½
Faneuil Hall Boston Mass "The Cradle of Liberty" 4½x6¾
Faversham Church 9x7 (Framed)
First and Last House 5¼x3¾
Franklin D. Roosevelt 4x5¼
Frolics 3x3
Front Corridors of San Juan Capistrano Mission 6½x4¼
Gatun Locks Panama Canal 8¾x6½
Get down to it 3½x4 (Calendar Holder)
General Wolfe Hero of Quebec born at Westerham 1727 died at Quebec 1759 6x8
Geoffrey Chaucer 4x5½
George Washington 6x8
Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Bermuda 3¼x5¾
Girdleness Lighthouse Aberdeen 10½x7
Glad Hearts 6¼x7½
Glasgow Cathedral 9¾x7½
Glasgow University 10x7½
Gloucester Cathedral 11¼x7½
Gods Providence house Chester 6½x10¾ (Framed)
Gods Providence House Chester 6½x8
Going to Market 5¼x3¾
Gospel Mission Hall Faversham 7x6 (free standing)
Grey Friars Canterbury 5½ Diameter ( plate )
Grey Friars Coventry 6x8 (Framed)
Grey Friars Interior Coventry 6x8
Grin and bear it 3½x4 (Calendar Holder)
Groote Schuur Rondebosch, Cape Town 5¼x3¾
Guardgate Saint Marys Scilly 4½x6¾
Halloween "And monie lads and lasses fates are there that night decided" 11¼x8 (boxed)
Hamlet 3x6
Hamlet 3x6¼ (six sided)
Hangman Hills Coombe Martin 5¼x3¾
Happy valley and bay Llandudno 5¼x3¾
Harlech Castle 9½x7
Harlech Castle and Snowdon 5¼x3¾
Harvest of the field 11½x7½
Harvest of the forest 11½x7½
High School, Cristobal. C.Z. 9¾x7¼
High Street Clovelly 4½x6¾
High Street Clovelly 4½x6¾ (version 2)
H.M. Elizabeth II 9 Diameter Circle
H.M. King George V.and Queen Mary 3¼x4½ (Free Standing)
Holy Trinity Church Stratford on Avon 11½x7½
Holy Trinity Church Stratford on Avon 4½x3¼
Holyrood Palace and Arthurs Seat Edinburgh 11¼x7½ (Same scene as Palace of Holyrood House)
Holyrood Palace and Arthurs Seat Edinburgh 4½x3¼
Home Devotions 6¼x7½ (Full colours)
Home Devotions 6¼x7½ (Sepia colours) (Framed)
Hope 3¼x4½
Hope 3¼x5¾ (Calendar holder ?)
Hope 6½x8¼
Horatio Nelson 3½x5 (Oval)
Horning 7¾x6
Hotel Washington from the Sea-Cristobal, CZ 10x7
Houses of Parliament Cape Town 10x7¼
Houses of Parliament 11¼x7¼
Houses of Parliament London 4½x3¼
I will bless every place 3½x5
Independence Hall Philadelphia 6x8½
In Full Cry 11½x8 (Johnsons Plaques)
Inner Court Corridors San Juan Capistrano Mission 6½x4½
Interior of an Irish cottage 5¼x3¾
Interior of an Irish cottage 9½x6
Interior of an Irish cottage 4x3 (Free standing)
Interior of an Old Cottage 9½x6¼ (Same scene as Interior of an Irish Cottage)
Interior of an Old Cottage 9½x6¼ (Scene variation)
Interior of Ann Hathaways cottage 4½x3¼
Irish Cottage 5x3½ (Free Standing)
Irish Cottage 4x2¼ (Calendar Holder)
Irish jaunting car 5¼x3¾
Irish Spinning Wheel 3¾x5¼
Irish transport 4½x3½ (Free standing)
Irish Transport 5¼x3¾
Irish Transport 5¼x3¾ (scene variation)
Je Suis Un Chien Qui Ronge Lo 4½x3¼
John Alden house 1653 6½x4½ (Horizontal Oval)
John Bunyan 4x5½ (five sided)
John Knox's House Edinburgh 7x9
John Knox 6½x8½
John Wesley's Rescue from Epworth Rectory Lincoln 11x8
Kakabeka Falls Ontario 4¼x3¼
Kaw Indian Mission 1850 Council Grove Kans 4¼x3¼
"Kamptoe" Die weg van bittere lyding en smart 11x6
Kenilworth Castle 11¼x7¼
Kent gy dat volk vol heldenmoed 7¾x9½ (Know ye the people of heroic courage)
King Alfred and the Cakes 8x8
King Charles tower Chester 6x8
King Charles Tower Chester 5½x7¼ **
King George V and Queen Mary Silver Jubilee 3¼x6 (Dated 1935)
King Henry the Fifth 3½ x4½
Lady Godiva 7x6 (Free Standing)
Lady Godiva 8x7
Lady Macbeth 3x6
Lake Louise Canadian Rockies 10x6½
Landing of Columbus 1492 9¼x6¼
Landing of the Pilgrims 1620 9¼x6¼
Lands End 5¼x3¾
Lands end first and last house 9¼x6¼
Latern Hill and Pier Ilfracombe 5¼x3¾
Lester Point Combe Martin 5¼x3¾
Lincoln Cathedral 11x7¼
Lincoln Cathedral 8x6¼
Lincoln Cathedral 8x6 (with black border)
Lincoln Cathedral 4x2½ (Calendar Holder)
Linn of Dee Braemar 5¾x9½
Little Nell 3½x5 (Oval)
Little Nell and her Grandfather "resting" 6¼x8
Little Nell and her Grandfather "the Wanderers" 6¼x8
Llanbadarn Church Aberystwyth 8¾x6¾
Llanberis pass 4½x3¼
Llanberis pass 8x6
Llandudno Bay 5¼x3¾
Llynllydaw and Snowdon 4½x3¼
Llynllydaw and Snowdon 8x6
Locomotion No1 S+DR 1825 The First Locomotive Engine employed on a Public Railway 9¼x6¼
Looking for Fun 3¾x5¼
Lower Fort Gary Winnipeg 9¾x6¾
Macbeth 3x6
Main Entrance University of Toronto 8¼x6¼
Manitoba College 9¾x6¾
Maori Warrior 7x9


Margate Grotto 3¾x6
Marine Parade Dover 11x7
Marine Parade Dover 4½x3¼
Marischal College Aberdeen University 10½x7
Mars Hill Lynmouth 5¼x3¾
Mary Baker Eddy 6x8 (Portrait)
Mary Baker Eddy Memorial Erected 1917 Mount Auburn Cemetery Cambridge Massachusetts 7¾x5
Mary Queen of Scots 6½x8½
Masonic Home and School Ultica 11¾x5
Melrose Abbey 11¼x7½
Memorial Tower Simco Ontario 3¼x6
Mission San Gabriel 9¾x6
Mol's Coffee House Exeter 1596 3¼x4½
Montmorency Falls near Quebec 9¾x6¾
Moot Hall Elstow 8¼x6¼
Mother The noblest type of Womanhood 7¼x8¼
Mount Mckay Fort William Ont 4½x3½
Mount Orqueil Castle Jersey 4½x3¼
Mozart 3½x5 (Oval)
Mr Micawber 3½x5 (Oval)
Mr Pecksniff 3½x5 (Oval)
Mr Pickwick addressing the Members of the Pickwick Club "The proudest moment of his existence" 12x8
Mr Pickwick addressing the Members of the Pickwick Club "The proudest moment of his existence" 12x8 (BossonsEdition)
Mr Pickwick Addressing the members of the Pickwick Club "The proudest moment of his existence" 18¾x12½
Mr Pickwick "fifty more Christmases at least in this world and eternal summers in another" 6¼x8
Mr Pickwick 3½x5 (Oval) (Dated 1909)
Mr Pickwick 3½x5 (Oval) (Dated 1911)
Mr Pickwick's Buoyancy of Spirit (five sided) 4x5½
Mr Pickwick's Xmas Toast 6¼x8
Mr Weller 3½x5 (Oval)
Mr Weller Sen'r giving Parental advice 4x5½ (5 Sided)
Mrs Bardell 3½x5 (Oval)
Mrs Sarah Gamp 3½x5 (Oval) (Dated 1909)
Mrs Sarah Gamp 3½x5 (Oval) (Dated 1911)
Mt Vernon the home of Washington 8¼x4¼
Myles Standish House 1666 6½x4½ (Horizontal Oval)
Napoleon Bonaparte 3½x5 (Oval)
National Monument to the Pilgrims 4¾x7¼
Nelsons Monument 3¼x4½
Nelsons Monument Trafalgar Square 3¼x4½
Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few (pedestal calendar) 3¾x4½
Newcastle Cathedral 9¼x9¼ (Framed)
Newcastle Cathedral 4½x3¼
Newport Arch Lincoln 8x6
Niagara Falls 5x3½
Niagara Falls 3¼x4½
Niagara Falls 9¾x6¾ (coloured)
Niagara Falls 9¾x6¾ (sepia)
Nog gril wereld en die Nasies bewe by die verhaal van al die wrede leed 1899-1902 7¾x9½
Nog tril ons hart van duldelose smarte 9¾x7¼
"Noordwaarts" Op die pad van Suid Afrika. Die sug na Vryheid en Reg 1838 10x7½
Norman Staircase Canterbury 3x3
Norman Porch Canterbury 5x6¾ (Plastic Sketch)
Norwich Castle 6x7¾ (Walter Davis design 1956)
Norwich Cathedral S.E. 6x7¾ (Walter Davis design 1957)
Notre Dame Church Montreal 3¼x4½
O'Connell The Liberator Dublin 3¾x5¼
Old Castle Gardens Weymouth 5¼x3¾ **
Old Cornish cottage 9¼x6¼
Old Devon Cottage 5¼x3¾
Old Dorset Cottage 4x2¼ (Calendar Holder)
Old Faithful Inn Yellowstone Park 9¼x6¼
Old House, FishMarket, Folkestone 3¾x5¼
Old Houses Stratford on Avon Tudor House Garrick Arms Harvard House 11½x7½
Old Mansions Nantucket 4½x6¾
Old Welsh Homestead 4x2½ (Calendar holder)
Oliver Twist 3½x5 (Oval)
On the alert 6½x8¼
"Ons sien haar win want, haar naam is Vrou en Moeder. Jan F. Cilliers." 10x7½
Ophelia 3x6
Oratoire Saint Joseph Montreal 8x10½
Our Blessed Lady of Mount Carmel 8x10½
Our Lady of Grace 8x10½
Outside "The George" 9¼x6¼ (Johnsons Plaques)
Packhorse Bridge Allerford 5¼x3¾
Palace of Holyrood House 4½x3¼
Palace of Holyrood House 11¼x7½ (Same scene as Holyrood House and Arthurs Seat Edinburgh)
Parliament Buildings Winnipeg 9¾x6¾
Peeping Tom of Coventry 3¾x5¾
Pier and Table Mountain Cape Town 10x7¼
Pier Head St Ives 9½x6¼
Pier Head Ramsgate 3½x5 (Oval)
Pilgrims going to Church 7½x4¼
Pilgrims signing of the Compact on board the Mayflower Nov 11th 1620 9½x6¼
Plymouth in 1622 9¼x6¼
Poets Corner Westminster Abbey 7x9 (without people and some statues)
Poets Corner Westminster Abbey Dickens' Grave 7x9 (with people and statues) (Framed)
Portia 3x5¾
Potter Heigham Norfolk Broads 8x6
Princes Street Edinburgh 11½x7½
Priscilla and John Alden 4½x6½ (Oval)
Priscilla and John Alden 6x8
Priscilla and John Alden "Why don't you speak for yourself John?" 4½x6½ (Oval)
Pro Cathedral Marlborough Street Dublin 5¼x3¾
Pull's Ferry Norwich 7x6 
Quebec House Westerham 9¼x7
Ramsgate from the Pier 11½x7½
Ramsgate Inner harbour 11½x7½
Rest Cottage the home of Francis E. Willard Evanston 7¼x4½
Reculvers Herne Bay 4½x3¼
Rheims Cathedral 9¾x13 (Framed)
Rheims Cathedral 3¼x4½
Rheims Cathedral 8x10½
Rhodes Memorial, Groote Schuur 10x7¼
R.M.S. Berengeria 5¾x4
R.M.S. Majestic 5¾x4
R.M.S. Mauretania 7¾x5
R.M.S Queen Mary 5¼x3¾
R.M.S Queen Mary 7¾x5
Robert Burns 6½x4½
Robert Burns born at Alloway Ayr Jan 25 1759 6½x8½
Rochester Castle 5x3½
Rochester Castle 8x6
Rochester Cathedral 5x3½
Rochester Cathedral 8x6
Rock of Cashel Co. Tipperary 5¼x3¾
Roman Catholic Cathedral Westminster 3¼x4½
Romeo and Juliet 2¾x6½
Ross Castle Killarney 5¼x3¾
Rough Sea Reculvers Herne Bay 11½x7½
Rounding up a Straggler 12x8
Royal Observatory Greenwich 6x7
Ruins of Cathedral Tower Old Panama 6½x8¾
Ruins of the Colosseum Rome 9¼x6
Salisbury Cathedral 4½x3¼
Salisbury Cathedral 9¼x7¼
Saint James Cathedral Montreal 8x10½
Saint Patrick 5¼x8¼
Saint Patrick 5¼x8¼ (scene variation)
Saint Patrick 1932 5¼x9 Souvenir 1932 Irish Eucharistic Congress
Saint Patrick 1932 Souvenir 1932 Irish Eucharistic Congress 3¼x6
Sam Weller 3½x5 (Oval)
Sam Weller 4x5½ ( 5 sided )
Sam Weller Commencing to Shine 4x5½ (five sided)
Sam Wellers Valentine 8x6½
Scene in Gaillard Cut Panama Canal 8¾x6½
Scotts Monument Edinburgh 3¼x4½
Scriptorium Cloister Gloucester Cathedral 4½x6½
Secrets 3x2¾ (Hanging Calendar)
Sergeant BuzFuz 3½x5 (Oval)
Shakespeare 3¾x4¼ Calendar Holder
Shakespeare 3½x5 (shown seated)
Shakespeare 3½x5 (Oval)
Shakespeares Birthplace Stratford on Avon 9½x6¾ (Bossons edition)
Shakespeares House 4½x3¼
Shakespeares House Stratford on Avon 4½x3¼
Shakespeares House Stratford on Avon 9¼x6¼
Shakespeares return from the Chase 9¼x6¾
Shakspeares House 4x2½ (Calendar Holder)
Shakespeares Monument Stratford on Avon 5½x9¼
Shepherds Cottage Beer Devon 5¼x3¾ (WD plaque 1959)
Shepherds Cottage Devon 5¼x3¾ (WD plaque 1959)
Shrine of St Thomas a'Becket Canterbury Cathedral 6x7¾
Shylock 3x6
Sidmouth Devon 5¼x3¾
Sidney Carton 3½x5 (Oval)
Signing of the Compact Provincetown Mass. USA Nov 11th 1620 9½x6
Sir Francis Drake 3x5¼
Sir Galahad 5¾x9½
Sir Walter Raleigh 3x5¼
Sir Walter Scott 4½x6½ (Oval)
Sir Walter Scott 8½x6½
Sir Walter Scotts Monument Edinburgh 11¼x7½
Snowdon Massif from Fachwen 5¼x3¾
Snowdon the summit height 3560 feet 4½x3¼
Sous le Cap Street Quebec 7¼x9½
St Albans Abbey. West Front 8x6
St. Andrew's The Castle 11½x7½
St. Andrews Cathedral 11½x7½
St Augustines Cross Near Ramsgate 2½x6½ (Free Standing)
St Augustine of Canterbury 4½x5¾ (five sided)
St Augustines Chair Canterbury Cathedral 3½x5½ (model)
St. Augustines Chair Canterbury Cathedral 3x5 (Free Standing Model on a base)
St. Ives Cornwall 5¼x3¾
St. Ives Cornwall 9¼x6¼
St. Johns College Winnipeg 10x6¾
St. Jude Thaddaeus Apostle and Martyr 6¼x8¼
St. Martins Church Canterbury 7x6¼ (Plastic Sketch)
St Martin in the fields 4½x3¼
St Mary Magdalene Taunton 3½x6
St Marys Church Timaru NZ 10½x8
St. Michaels Church Coventry 7½x11¼ ** (later renamed Coventry Cathedral)
St Michaels Mount 5¼x3¾
St Michaels Mount Cornwall 11¼x7½
St Pauls Cathedral 8x10 (with lamp post's)
St Pauls Cathedral 8x10 (without lamp post's)
St Pauls Cathedral 3¼x4½
St. Pauls Cathedral Melbourne 8¼x10¾
St Pauls Cathedral The Nave 3¼x4½
St Peter Port Guernsey 7¾x5
St. Peters Church St George s Bermuda 4¼x3¼
St Thomas a Becket 4x5½
Stairway San Gabriel Mission 4½x6½ (Oval)
Statue of Liberty New York 7x5¼
Statue of Vasco Numez de Balboa, Panama C.Z. 10x7½
Stirling Bridge 9½x6
Stirling Bridge 11x7
Stirling Castle 10¾x7
Stone Alley Nantucket 4½x6¾
Sulgrave Manor Northampton the Ancestral Home of the Washingtons granted to them by Henry V111 9½x6
Swallow falls Betws y coed 5¼x3¾
Sydney Harbour Bridge 14x6 **
Sy Hoogedele, Pres. M.T Steyn. Die liefling van die Afrikaner Nasie 7¾x9½
Sy Hoogedele, Wyle Pres. S.J.P. Kruger Die geloofsheld van die Boerenasie 7¾x9½ (Paul Kruger)
Tam O'Shanter and Souter Johnny "Tam lo'ed him like a vera brither" 8x7¼
Tam O'Shanter and Souter Johnnie at the Inn "Tam was glorious o'er a'the ills o'life victorious" 9¾x6¾
Tam O'Shanters Ride "So Maggie runs the Witches Follow wi' monie an eldritch skriech and hollow" 9½X6½
Temple Bar in Dr Johnsons time 8x10
Tenterden Church 7¾x6
The Adventures of a tame Fox at the White Hart Bridgewater chased by Mr Portman's hounds 1799 12x7½
The Alamo "Cradle of Texas Liberty "9¼x6
The Angelus 4¾x3½
The Angelus 5¼x3¾
The Angelus 9¼x6¼ (Framed)
The Artful Dodger 3½x5 (Oval)
The Baptism of King Ethelbert by St Augustine Whit Sunday AD 507 in St Martins Church Canterbury 7¼x9 (Plastic Sketch dated 1899)
The Baptstry Canterbury 5x6¾ (Plastic Sketch)
The Barbican and Bridge Sandwich 11½x7½
The Bargate Southampton 8x10
The Bells of San Gabriel 4½x6¼
The Birthplace of Charles Dickens 393 Commercial Road Portsmouth 3¼x5¾
The Birthplace of Charles Dickens 387 Commercial Road Landport 3¼x5¾
The Birthplace of Charles Dickens 387 Commercial Road Landport 3¼x5¾ (Shape Variation)
The birthroom Shakespeares house Stratford on Avon 9½x6½
The Busy Welswoman at Llanberis 5½x6½ (Oval) (Same as The Industrious Welshwoman )
The Canterbury Pilgrim Bottle 2x2¼ (free standing model)
The Canyon Yellowstone Park 9¼x6¼
The Capitol Washinton D.C 8¼x4¼
The Capitol Washinton D.C 11x6½
The Castle of Saint Angelo Rome 9¼x6
The Cenotaph in memory of the glorious dead 1914 1919 3¼x5¾ (Framed)
The Choir Chester Cathedral 11½x7½ (without hanging cross)
The Choir Chester Cathedral 11½x7½ (with hanging cross)
The Church of St. Anne de Beaupre 9½x7¼
The College Porch Aberwystwyth 7x8
The Cottars Saturday night "From scenes like these Old Scotias grandeur springs" 11x8 (Framed)
The Cross Chichester 7x9
The Death of General Wolfe on the Plains of Abraham Quebec Sept 13 1759 11¼x 8
The Death of Nelson on board the Victory at Trafalgar October 21 1805 "Thank GOD I have done my duty" 17¾x12¾
The Devil looking over Lincoln 4x5 (six sided)
The Devil was well the Devil a Monk was he 8x6¾
The Devil was well the Devil a Monk was he / The Devil was sick the Devil a Monk would be (framed pair)
The Devil was well the Devil a Monk was he 6¼x5 (dated 1900) (Plastic Sketch)
The Devil was sick the Devil a Monk would be 6¼x5 (dated 1900) (Plastic Sketch)
The Devil was sick the devil a Monk Would Be 6½x5¼ Free standing
The Devil was Well The devil a Monk Was He 6½x5¼ Free standing
The Dickens House 48 Doughty Street London 3¼x6
The Dun Cow Durham Cathedral 5x7
The End of the Trail 6¼x8½
The Family Friend 4¼x3¾ (Calendar Holder)
The First Church of Christ Scientist and Publishing House Boston Mass. 7x5
The First Sunday School 1780 Gloucester England 4½x6½
The Forth Bridge 4½x3¼
The Forth Bridge 11½x7¼
The Forum Rome 9¼x6¼
The Gentle Art 9¼x6¼
The Gleaners 4¾x3½
The Gleaners 5¼x3¾
The Gleaners 9¼x6¼
The Gleaners 9¼x6¼ (inscribed Copyright Geo. Newcombe and co. New York USA 1913)
The Good Shepherd 5¼x10¼
The Good Shepherd 3x6
The Grandfather 3½x5 (Oval)
The Grave of Charles Dickens Poets Corner Westminster Abbey 3¼x5¾
The Grave of the Unknown Warrior in Westminster Abbey Nov. 11 1920 3¼x5¾
The Guildhall Faversham 9x7 (Framed)
The Harbour Mousehole 5¼x3¾
The Harbour Newquay 5¼x3¾
The Harbour Newquay 9½x6½
The Harvard House Stratford on Avon 6x9½ (Bossons Edition)
The Home of Charles Dickens Gadshill Rochester 8¼x6
The Home of Washington Mt Vernon 10¾x6½
The Honeycomb Giants Causeway Co. Antrim 9¼x6
The Honeycomb Giants Causeway 5¼x3¾
The Hongi 8¾x7
The House of seven gables Salem Mass 6½x4½
The Houses of Parliament Ottawa Canada 9½x7¼
The Imperial Stadium Wembley 9½x6½
The Indian Memorial Gateway Royal Pavilion Brighton 5½x3¾
The industrious Welsh woman 5½x6½ (Oval)
The Inner Garden and Court, Saint Barbara Mission 6½x4½
The interior of Ann Hathaways cottage 9x7
The interior of Ann Hathaways cottage Shakespeare used the settle on the right 9x7
The Island Newquay 5¼x3¾
The Jews house Lincoln 8x6¼
The Last supper of Jesus Christ with the twelve apostles 10½x6
The Lawsuit, Each the Verdict must obey The lawyer fleeces anyway 9½x6¼
The light of the world 5½x10 (Framed)
The light of the world 3x6
The Lincoln Imp 4x5 (Six sided)
The Little Chapel and its Builder Frere Deodat Les Vauxbelets Guernsey 3½x4¾
The Little Chapel Guernsey 3½x4¾
The Little Chapel Guernsey 3½x4¾ (interior view)
The Little Chapel Les Vauxbelets Guernsey 3½x4¾ (interior view)
The Log Cabin Birthplace of Abraham Lincoln Rock Spring Farm Kentucky 9¼x6¼
The Lone Palm Bermuda 6¼x9½
The Lone Palm Bermuda 3½x4¾
The Man with Toothache . Wells Cathedral 4½x3¼
The March of Myles Standish 7¼x4¼
The Marchioness 3½x5 (Oval)
The Martyrdom Canterbury Cathedral 6x7¾
The Martyrdom of St Thomas a'Becket Canterbury Cathedral 29 Dec 1170 7¾x6
The Mayflower as it entered Plymouth Harbour 1620 bringing the first New England settlers 9¼x6¼
The most famous game of bowls in British history 9¼x6¼
The Norman Staircase Canterbury 6x8 (WD design dated 1957)
The Oldest House in Chester 7¼x8
The Old Cottage Cheam Surrey 4½x3¼ (dated 1914)
The Old Courtyard Cathedral Close Exeter 3¼x5¾
The Old Curiosity Shop 4½x3½
The Old Curiosity Shop 2½x4 (Calendar holder)
The Old Curiosity Shop 6½x5½ (free standing plastic sketch)
The Old Curiosity Shop London 8¼x6
The Old Curiosity Shop London 8¼x6 (Osborne with words "imortalised by Charles Dickens" on shop)
The Old folks at home 5x3½ (free standing)
The Old folks at home 5¼x3¾
The Old folks at home 9¼x6¼
The Old Goal Bedford where John Bunyan was imprisoned 8¼x6¼
The Old Goal Bedford where John Bunyan was imprisoned 9¼x7¼
The Old windmill 9½x6¼
The Old Village Shanklin IW 5¼x3¾
The Ould folks at Home in an Irish Cottage 5¼x3¾
The Page Doorway Salem Mass 6x4 (same scene as, A Colonial Doorway)
The Pinnacles, Castle Rock Cheddar Gorge 6¾x4½
The Priors Gateway Canterbury Cathedral 6x7¾
The Priors Gateway Canterbury Cathedral 6x7¾ (Bossons Edition)
The Quay St. Ives 5¼x3¾
The return of the Mayflower 6½x4¼
The Roman Baths Bath 11x7½
The Rows Chester 11½x7½
The Royal Pavilion Brighton 9¼x6¼
The Royal Pavilion British Empire Exhibition Wembley 9½x6¼
The Sanctuary knocker Durham Cathedral 3¼x4½
The Scottish National War Memorial Edinburgh Castle The Shrine Showing the Steel Casket given by the King and Queen 11¾x7¾
The Scottish National War Memorial Looking into the Shrine 7½x11½
The Scottish National War Memorial Edinburgh Castle The South Front 11¼x7¼
The Stirrup Cup "Nae man can tether time or tide the hour approaches Tam maun ride" 9¾x6¾
The Taj Mahal Agra India 4½x3½
The Three Sisters Katoomba N.S.W 8x6
The Tollbooth, Edinburgh 7x9
The Tollgate Folkestone 5¼x3¾
The Tollgate Folkestone 9¼x6¼
The Twa Brigs Ayr 9½x6
The Wadsworth Longfellow House Portland Maine 6½x4½
The Waterfall Ramsgate 3½x5 ( Oval )
The Weavers Canterbury 3x3
The Weavers Canterbury 6x7¾
The West Front Wells Cathedral 4½x3¼
The West Gate Canterbury (Miniature Model) 2x1x1¼
The Western Towers Canterbury Cathedral 6x8
The White House Washington D.C. 10¾x6¾
Thou shalt call his name Jesus 7¾x6¾
Three Spires Coventry 4x2½ (Calendar Holder)
Tin Can Alley St Georges Bermuda 6¼x9¼
Tiny Tim 3½x5 (Oval)
Tom Moore The Poet's House Bermuda 3¼x5¾
Tom Moore The Poet's House Bermuda 6¼x9¼
Torquay Harbour 5¼x3¾
Torquay Harbour from Waldon Hill 5¼x3¾
Tower Bridge London 11¼x7½
Tower Bridge London 11¼x7½ (Bossons Edition)
Tower Bridge London 9¼x6¼
Tower Bridge London 4½x3½
Tower of London 11¼x7½
Tower of London 9½x6¼
Tower of London 4½x3¼
Trafalgar Square London 11½x7½
University Tower Bristol 3½x6
Uriah Heep 3½x5 (Oval)
Victoria Falls N. Rhodesia 7½x10 
Victoria Falls N. Rhodesia 5¼x3¾ 
Waterways 9¼x6¼
Wedding journey of Minnihaha and Hiawatha 9x12
We'll take a cup o' kindness yet . For auld lang syne 9 inch diameter circle
Wells Cathedral 4½x2½ (Calendar Holder)
Wells Cathedral from Tor Hill 10¾x8
Wells Cathedral from Tor hill 4½x3½
Welsh Peasant "The "Fresh From the Country" 5x7¼ Early version
Welsh marketwoman "Fresh From the Country" 6¼x8
Welsh Peasant "the afternoon cup" 5x7¼ Early version
Welsh peasant "the afternoon cup" 6¼x8
Welsh peasant 3½x5 (Oval)
Welsh peasant off to market 3½x5 (Oval)
Welsh Woman at Snowdon 5½x6½ ( Oval )
Wesley College Winnipeg 9x6
West front Wells Cathedral 10½x8½
West gate Canterbury 3x3
West gate Canterbury 8x6
West Gate Canterbury 5¼x4¼ (Free standing model)
West Gate Canterbury 4¼h x4½w x3¼d (Free Standing Model)
Westerham Vicarage The Birthplace of General Wolfe 9x7
Western towers Westminster Abbey 4½x3½
Westminster Abbey 11¼x7¼ (Framed)
Westminster Abbey 4x2½ (Calendar holder)
Westminster Abbey 4½x3½
Westminster Abbey 4¼x5½
Westminster Cathedral 4½x3¼
Westward Ho ! Seafront 5¼x3¾
Whist at the Assembly Rooms Bath "poor Mr Pickwick" 8x9
Whist at Wardles 7½x8½ (Only two people in the background)
Whist at Wardles "Mr Pickwick Humorous" 7½x8½ (Framed)
Whitehall Cheam Surrey 4½x3¼
Why dont you speak for yourself John 4½x6¾
Why Worry 4x3¾ (Calendar Holder)
Why Worry 4½x6¾
Wishing Chair Giants Causeway 5¼x3¾
William Shakespeare 3½x5 (Oval)
William Shakespeare 1564 - 1616 6¾ diam. (Circle)
Winchester Cathedral 4½x3½
Winchester Cathedral 8¼x6½
Winchester Cathedral 9¾x6¾
Windsor Castle 11x7¼ (Framed)
Windsor Castle 4½x3¼
Yankee Doodle The Spirit of '76 6½x8
Ye Durham Knocker 1133 5¼x8
Ye Olde Barn Chestfield Village 4½x3¼
Ye Old Fighting Cocks St. Albans 3¾x5¼
Ye Olde Fisherman 8x6½
"Ye see yon birkie ca'd a lord
Who struts an' stares an'a'that
Tho' hundreds worship at his word
He's but a cuif for a' that." 7x9 
York Minster 11½x7½
York Minster 5¼x3¾


A Monk 3x7
David Copperfield 2x4½
Little Nell 2x4½
Mr Micawber 2¼x5
Mr Pickwick 2½x4¾
Off to Market 2x5
Oliver Twist 2x4¾
The Grandfather 2x5¼
Sairey Gamp 2x4¾
Tony Weller 2x4¾
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